Wednesday 22 December 2021

Time And Date

Hello, dear readers!

And a very merry Xmas to one and all!

Yup, it’s that time again, (or it will be in three short days). Hopefully, this time we can avoid the lockdown hokey-cokey, at least until Boxing Day, or, I don't know have our very own business meeting in the garden with wine and cheese (and turkey, natch).

Whatever the case may be, this year the Seated Perspective household is actually pretty well prepared. Yes, there’s a turkey still to buy, but it’s been sourced and saved for us, so all is good there. There also a few presents that need wrapping as well, and I might, at risk of sellotaping my elbows together, actually give that a go myself this year, but apart from those details, that’s it. All preparations nicely prepared. Everything done.

Well, apart from the promised follow up to last week’s post.

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Dinner Time

Hello, dear readers!

You are what you eat.

That’s the theory, anyway. Truth be told, I can’t remember eating a big flat blob of a bloke with a bowling ball stuck up his jumper, but that could possibly be my memory.

No, if you truly are what you eat, then I should probably more closely resemble a nice piece of steak, cooked on the rare side and served with all the trimmings, because I’ve eaten exactly that not once, but twice in the last few days.

As to the where, why, and when… well, you’ll just have to read on for that

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Not Stirred

Hello, dear readers!

The name’s Rankin, Mark Rankin.

No, doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?

You will, of course, have got the reference (assuming you haven’t been living underneath a rock on a round the universe cruise for the last sixty years or so), and there is a very definite reason I made it.

No, I’ve not been busy foiling the nefarious plans of some insane genius, hellbent on global domination, and no, for some unfathomable reason, bikini-clad beauties have not been throwing themselves at me left right and centre every time I so much as cock a masculine eyebrow (baffling, ain’t it?).

What I have been doing, in case you hadn’t already guessed, is going to the cinema to watch the latest film in the James Bond franchise, and it is that visit which forms the core of today’s blog post.

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Mending Fences.

Hello, dear readers!

And a happy December!

Yes, we’ve reached the last stop of the year, the final few weeks, the big finale. Already the 80s radio station I have on in the car (‘cos I’m old), has taken to sprinkling the odd Xmas tune into their selection, as the countdown to that allegedly most wonderful of days truly amps up, and sooner or later, even I will have to take the plunge and start thinking about pressies, parties, and that all important turkey.

Of course, although Xmas is one of the few things to make the year’s latter days worthwhile, the winter brings with it other considerations, too. One of which will feature as the main thrust of this week’s post.

This bleeping weather, eh?

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Grand Days Out

Hello, dear readers!

It’s easy to bow to the norm. To become weighed down by the way things are and therefore, surely must forever be. Easy to allow one foot to fall in front of the other, as you trudge down the well-worn path of the everyday, the hum-drum, the normal.

What’s a little more difficult is to break free of these self-imposed patterns, but as with a lot of things that require that bit more work, doing so can be so liberating.

What am I talking about? Well, it all boils down to two very simple things. Films, and coffee.

Wednesday 17 November 2021

The Charm

Hello, dear readers!

I was having such a good week.

Yeah, it was all going really quite well. Nothing amazing, you understand, but nothing terrible either. I’d had a couple of lazy-ish days, and I’d even secured the television for the England match played on Friday night, which we won, handsomely. Yes, it was all going so well… and then I had to go and sabotage it all.

And the worst thing? It was all planned, too.

To pierce the fog of mystery, this was the week, in fact, the weekend, in which both myself and my ever-wonderful wife, Tina, had our Covid-19 booster jabs.

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Out To Lunch

Hello, dear readers!

A change, they say, is as good as a rest.

I’m not entirely convinced by this line of reasoning. To me, a day of doing nothing, putting the feet up, perhaps dragging oneself off the couch to make a cup of tea before heading slowly back to base sounds pretty idyllic.

As for the change, well, that very much depends on the change in question. I mean, being magically transported from my place on the couch to a cage full of hungry lions, tigers, and bears (oh my) would be quite the change. Other than the initial rush of adrenaline, however, I can’t envisage it as being a wholly positive one. For the hungry predators, maybe, but for me, ah… not so much.

Having said that, it is a good idea, every now and then, to shake off the cobwebs and embrace the ever so slightly different. Yesterday was a case in point.

I don’t want to lead you astray here. We’re not talking anything on too grand-a-scale, here. There were no ravenous beasties to battle, no skydiving, no death-defying feats of derring-do at all, in fact. No, the change in question was far more sedate than any of those risk-filled activities.

We went out for a spot of lunch.

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Oven Ready

Hello, dear readers!

And welcome to the most troublesome part of the weekly blogging... how to start.

Yup, blank page syndrome is most definitely a thing, and as someone who has been known to jot the odd thought down, it’s a thing which proves irksome in the extreme.

One has to start somewhere, but where is that? What will grab the attention? What will make an impact? Where can I shoehorn in some horrendous pun, which only I find funny? As I open up the word processing package and look down at the keyboard, these questions and more are always at the forefront of my mind. Eventually, I’ll type out a few words. Then, most of the time, I’ll delete them and start again, until something, somewhere, clicks and that first thought leads on to others. Only then, once the flow is established, are we finally cooking on gas.

Which, rather handily, brings me on to the topic of today’s offering, and no, it’s not gas, but the thorny issue of cooking.

Wednesday 27 October 2021

Dog Days

Hello, dear readers!

Routine. It’s possibly the one thing that, in this Covid ravaged world we live in, keeps us (sort of) sane.

Of course, as a jobless, feckless drain on this nation’s economy, there’s that much less in the way of routine to keep your friendly neighbourhood blogger from wearing his pants on his head and saying ‘wibble’ a lot (if you catch the ref, I like you. I really do).

Which is why I’m very thankful for our dog.

Wednesday 20 October 2021

Out Out

Hello, dear readers!

Anticipation, nervousness, excitement, maybe just a tingle of trepidation. These are literally some (or more) of the emotions currently coursing through your friendly neighborhood seated person.

And no; it’s not just because I’m writing my blog.

In fact, the heady cocktail of sensation I’m currently experiencing has little to do with anything to do with today’s events at all, and a lot more to do with what I’m going to be doing upon reaching tomorrow’s far distant shores.

Oh, and cocktails. It has a bit to do with cocktails, too.

You see, if I may just fast forward slightly, Friday of this week marks the birthday of my rather lovely wife, Tina (You may have seen her name mentioned on this hallowed blog before) and that’s an occasion which requires celebrating.

So we’re going out...

Wednesday 13 October 2021

An Experience To Remember

Hello, dear readers!

Experience: something one only gets immediately after the first time one needs it. At least, that’s what the infamous ‘they’ say. I think ‘they’ may have a point.

I mean, it would be great if someone or something piped all the knowledge and skill needed for whatever race a person might be setting out on into that person’s brain at the start line, but that’s unrealistic. It just doesn’t happen.

Instead, as we set out on our own races, we get to flail about in the dark, armed with the limited and often theoretical understanding of where we’re going and often only finding the way to the finish line thanks to a lot of help.

And, of course, that’s if we’re allowed to leave the start-line unhampered.

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Tea And Sympathy

Hello, dear readers!

And welcome to germ central.

No, not me. I remain fairly hale, and mostly hearty. For someone with a chronic illness, anyway. I have no sniffles, no aches, no pains, no cough, and no sore throat.


There is someone who has at least some of those symptoms, you see, and as I write, she’s sat right by the side of me. I am, of course, referring to my darling wife, Tina. She’s a woman who tends to get the odd mention in this esteemed publication, and, this week, it really is all about her.

Wednesday 29 September 2021


Hello, dear readers!

Time flies when you’re having fun.

This isn’t an instruction. I don’t want you to get your stopwatch out in your next moments of enjoyment to see how quickly the common house-fly can cover 100 metres. It would seem fruit(fly)less.

No, I’m simply referring to the somewhat elastic nature of time. How on some dreary, rain-soaked Tuesday (The worst day of the week. Fight me) afternoon, an hour can last an eternity, while in the midst of a busy and enjoyable Friday eve, the same hour is gone in the blink of the proverbial.

It works on longer timescales, too, especially, I believe, as one gets older. Take this year, it’s flown by. I mean, one minute you’re making your New-Year resolutions and the next the year’s nearly over.

I mean, it is Christmas next week, isn’t it?

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Fakin' Bacon

Hello, dear readers!

You are what you eat.

I think there’s certainly something to be for that particular old saw. If you eat lots of fatty things, then you do indeed have a tendency to become a tad fatty yourself (as can be attested by my own increasing reliance on sweatpants and their elasticated waistbands)

It doesn’t always follow, mind you. Eating a year’s supply of pic ‘n’ mix is unlikely to make you any sweeter, and last night’s carbonara is yet to turn me even just a little bit Italian.

It certainly won’t see me making a pig out of myself.

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Sore Eyes

Hello, dear readers!

I think it’s no secret that I’m not quite as young as I used to be. This, of course, is true of every single person, every single minute, of every single day, and age will always be a relative subject. In my case, however, the term ‘middle-aged’ is fast becoming less of an insult and more of a reality.

It means that, increasingly, a few accommodations need to be made.

The latest of these submissions to time’s ravages involves my eyes, and the fact they don’t seem to work quite as well as they used to.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

A Moving Story

Hello, dear readers!

They say it’s one of the most stressful things a person can do, and right now, I’m inclined to agree. Stressful, difficult, physically tiring, and as time-consuming as Eric the wristwatch eating pixie.

To what am I referring? Why, to the ancient ordeal that is moving house.

To be clear, the house in question is not ours. Neither myself, nor my wife, Tina have changed address. No, this particular relocation was undertaken on behalf of my mother-in-law, Gwen.

Thursday 2 September 2021

Try Try again

Hello, dear readers!

The game’s afoot!

Well, the games are anyway, although given the nature of these particular games, I’m not sure ‘afoot’ is the right way of putting it.

I am, of course, referring to the Paralympic games, and so far, what a games they have been.

Wednesday 25 August 2021

By The Book

Hello, dear readers!

You’ve got to have a dream, as Captain Sensible (And more properly Juanita Hall of South Pacific) once infamously sang, or how you gonna have a dream come true?

It is a sentiment I completely agree with. You have to hold ambitions, hopes, and yes, dreams, no matter how far-fetched they may seem, and as a bit of a dreamer myself, I’ve harboured such pie-in-the-sky pipe dreams pretty much all my life.

This week, one of those dreams will come true.

Wednesday 18 August 2021

As A Parrot

Hello, dear readers!

Today, you join a sick, sick man.

This will come as no huge shock to a fair few of you lovely people, especially when the various definitions of the word ‘sick’ get taken into account, but nonetheless, it’s true.

And the horrible thing? The true terror of all terrors regarding my current under-the-weather-ness? It’s all my fault.

Wednesday 11 August 2021

Mark Time

Hello, dear readers!

I think it’s fair to say that the last couple of years have been tough for all of us. Covid-19 has impacted all of our lives to one degree or another, affecting our working lives, our social lives, the clubs and meeting we might be members of, and even our access to sport.

It’s meant that, for a lot of us, the days have started to lose their distinction a little as one week melds into another with little variety or distinction. From my own point of view, as a non-working-benefits-claiming-moocher, the fallout from this might not be as severe in some cases, but it has still led to a feeling of one day being very much like another.

Not yesterday, though. Yesterday, you see, was my birthday.

Wednesday 28 July 2021

To The Nines

Hello, dear readers!

Today is a good day.

Well, so far it is, anyway. I’ve got a very real hope that the rest of the day will progress in a similar fashion too, though. You see, today is a day that has long been put aside for celebration, food, drink, and all the other good stuff. Today marks a very special day in the calendar. A day which, nine years ago, transformed my entire life.

Yes, today is my wedding anniversary.

Wednesday 21 July 2021


Hello, dear readers!

And welcome to a brave new world.

A world of opportunities. Of possibilities. A world of unmitigated freedoms, and endless fun. A world in which Covid-19 and the hell it’s put us through for the last 18 months or so is finally behind us, allowing us to recover the lives we have so sorely missed.

Or, you know, possibly not.

Thursday 15 July 2021

Foul Play

Hello, dear readers!

Warning: Buckle up, Rupert. This might be a heavy one.

You know that feeling that you’ve said something, or in my case typed something, just a little too soon? That feeling that in some way, because of that, you’ve jinxed it. That some petty and vengeful god has perhaps seen your hopes and dreams spelled out so clearly, turned to his minions and said ‘right, hold my coat, this’ll be a good one’?

Yeah, that’s me right now.

I’m sure that at least some of you, my dearest readers, will already know to what I allude. Even if you’ve been holidaying in the Outer-Hebrides for the last week, cut off from all human contact and without even half a bar of internet signal, you must. There’s simply no getting away from it. Everybody seems to know the score.

Thursday 8 July 2021


Hello, dear readers!

Well, what a result!

What a day. What a week. What an amazing, wonderful spark of positivity in what has been such an immensely challenging time.

It’s been such a long time. Year upon year of constant disappointment and heartache as things invariably go catastrophically wrong, just as I think that, this time, It’s all going to go so right. Not this time, though. No, this time perseverance and bloody-minded optimism have driven me over the brink of expectation and into the calm waters of fulfillment.

Yes, this was the week I finally got my new wheelchair. What did you think I was talking about?

Wednesday 30 June 2021

In It To Win It

Hello, dear readers!

I’m not a well man.

Now, this may or may not be due to the amount of alcohol I consumed last night. I mean, who can tell, right? It’s possible I’ve got a bad head cold, or a touch of flu. The booze might be an inconvenient coincidence… It might.

It isn’t though, is it? I’m paying the price of overindulgence. Something which, in the past, has led to much self-recrimination, regret, and vows not to repeat my indiscretions.

Not this time, though. No, this time it was absolutely worth it.

Thursday 24 June 2021

A First Time For Everything

Hello, dear readers!

Oh, to be young again.

Not that I’m old. Not really. Not when you consider the near twenty years I would have to wait to get my hands on a bus pass (if it weren’t for my disability, that is). No, age is, as they say, just a number. You’re only as old as you feel, etc, etc, etc.

But, sometimes I feel as old as I am. And that has a tendency to make me slightly (and only slightly) envious of the younger generation.

Let me tell you why.

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Hot And Bothered

Hello, dear readers!

A bit warm, innit?

Yup, it seems that some celestial switch has been flipped and Britain has once again transformed from a dreary land of cloud, rain, and less than impressive temperatures to a sub-Saharan paradise of blue skies and blazing sunshine.

And of course, people are complaining.

I try not to be one of those people. We get a paltry amount of sunshine over here as is. I don’t want to chase the rays away. The trouble is, well the trouble is, at the moment, it’s less than ideal.

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Extra Time

Hello, dear readers!

Alright, this one might not be to some people’s taste, at least if my lovely wife, Tina, is anything to go by. The subject matter is one that has the power to divide people, even as it brings people together. One that excites passion and exasperation in equal measure, inspires both tears and laughter, and has inspired countless multitudes through the actions and words of exceptional individuals and the trials and triumphs of those who walk alongside them.

No, not religion. I’m talking about football.

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Ins And Outs

Hello, dear readers!

A couple of days ago, on a sunshine and showers dotted Monday afternoon, I had a coffee.

Not exactly earth-shaking, is it? Especially when you consider my normal, highly caffeinated state. In fact, hardly a single day goes past that doesn’t start with a bucket (or cafetiere if you want to be posh) of high octane bean juice. This particular cup of Joe was special, though. A highly prized and long awaited treat.

This coffee, you see, was drunk in a coffee shop.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Chair Do

Hello, dear readers!

Yes, the blog is back?

For those that watch out for these poor scribblings (and I know there’s at least a few who do), hopefully this is a good thing. For those new to the blog, well welcome, I hope you enjoy.

The topic for today is not the emotional upset I mentioned in this post, nor is it the reason for the couple of weeks I’ve missed posting. An explanation of both those things will probably be forthcoming at some point, but at the moment it would be like describing a car journey while you’re only halfway there. It would seem presumptuous, as we know not what the road ahead holds, so, for now at least, I’m going to hold fire on that.

So, you may rightly ask, what is the subject for today’s little rant? Well, the answer to that lies beneath me.

Wednesday 5 May 2021


Hello, dear readers!

Today’s offering is going to be a quick one. More of an apology than anything else, really. You see, at the moment there is an awful lot going on in the Seated Perspective household, an awful lot. The problem is, I can’t write about any of it.

Partly this is due to the personal, emotional stresses that have sprung up, and partially it’s because those stresses are still very much evident. It leads me to a situation where I’m too close to any potential subject matter to reflect upon it with anything like clarity or objectivity. It would be rather like describing a storm while the wind howls and the rains fall around you. Something less than practical, even if you have waterproof paper.

It is for this reason that last week’s blog post was missing, and also why. I’m afraid, these few, poor words will have to suffice while the aforementioned storm passes.

I hope to bring you a more forthright and complete picture of what has been occurring over the last few weeks, and Tina, the wonderful woman with whom I’m braving this deluge, has given me the nod to do so. It just won’t be right at this very moment, because all of it is far too fresh.

I hope all of you unfortunate enough to be following my wandering notes on an extremely ordinary life will bear with me while the dark clouds pass, and something like normal service can once again resume.

Until next time…

Wednesday 21 April 2021

On My Feet

Hello, dear readers!

There’s something they say about buses. Something about waiting and waiting and waiting and then more than the necessary number turning up.

I could probably have put that simpler.

It can seem like something of a truism, however. Especially the waiting bit. Especially in these times of lockdown. Of course there’s a whisper we’re emerging from those times, and whether or not you believe that, some semblance of normality seems to be trying to re-assert itself.

Thursday 15 April 2021

Spring Forward

Hello, dear readers!

Well, it looks like we are finally emerging, perhaps properly, from the short, dark, and chilly days of winter and moving forward with this year.

As I write, I’m sat by the window, looking out at bright blue skies and trying to not get too distracted by the very social birds (I’m not sure what type. Restless little things, though). Yup, it’s a practically perfect picture, one that lifts the spirits, banishes the blues, and fills the heart with hope for the future.

But of course, a note of caution needs to be heard among the bird-song.

Hope Springs Eternal
I am, of course, referring to everyone’s (least) favourite topic. The only topic in town. The one you can be absolutely sure will feature in just about every single news broadcast, every other conversation, and even the odd hour of investigative journalism. Yup, it's pandemic time... Again.

I don’t mean that literally. I don’t mean that today has been scheduled for another spike in Covid cases. No, in fact, if anything, I intend this particular post to be a seasonal ray of sunshine in these dark times. I want to focus on the positive, as I’m wont to do. I want to lean into the hopes of growth and brightness and renewal that spring brings with it

My word, do I want to.

As much as I’d like to think of myself as a positive person, however, I cannot help but feel a small spike of concern when I see the pictures of crowded streets with people mingling face to face and group to group in the streets of London and Newcastle and Manchester and Leeds.

Ins And Outs
Now, this is where some might think of me as some kind of negative-nelly naysayer. A man who wants nothing more than to stamp on the toys of people who have endured a hellish year of isolation. Where fun and friends seem to have been outlawed, and while I can see where such people would be coming from, I’m not. Really, I’m not.

To be fair, I’m not the most social of butterflies. More like a curmudgeonly wasp, or an antisocial hornet. Lockdown, although trying at times. has not been the ordeal for me it has for some. I can empathise though, with those who are desperate for a proper pint in a proper pub. I have neither the right nor the inclination to judge those people, and I won’t.

All I will say is that once more, the unlocking has taken place at a pace and a scale which I feel could have been better handled, whether this be centrally, by our alleged government, or whether the powers that be once again abdicate that decision to the pubs themselves.

More guidance could have been given. The numbers could, potentially, have been managed better. We could have started the unlocking with a gentler, steadier acceleration, rather than just releasing the handbrake and leaving it up to the people to behave.

Into Each Generation
Once again, I can hear the objections even as I write. How would such management look? Who would police it, and how? These are all valid questions, and I’m not going to pretend I have the answers. It’s why I’m neither a publican nor a politician.

All I do know is that although progress has been made in regard to vaccination (next Wednesday for my second dose, thanks for asking), we are not out of the woods yet. We are battling a living organism, a virus that will adapt and change in order to procreate and survive. There are new mutations cropping up all over the world, including a variant in Brazil which seems to have more success spreading throughout the youth. It’s something we need to be wary of. Something we need to keep a careful eye on. We may be winning the battles, but we have not yet won the war.

Back To Normal

So, yes. To return to the somewhat more cheery opening of this post, spring is with us and it is a time of progress. A time of renewal, change, hope, and optimism. Let’s seize hold of that. Let’s move forward, back towards normality. Back towards friends and family, and beer and pubs, and parties and people. Let’s do all of that but let’s makes sure that the journey to do so is one of steady, maintainable progress. Let’s make sure that our progress is not accompanied by too many steps in the other direction.

If we can do that. If we can consolidate our gains, then this spring can be one where we all spring forward.

Until next time…

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Key Of The Door

Hello, dear readers!

There are some things in life which seem designed to make us feel old. The relentless and increasingly baffling march of technology. The chorus of creaks and twinges that accompany each new day. Conversation in which only around 70% (if that) of the words convey any kind of meaning at all. That unfortunate time you catch yourself saying ‘Kids today!’ or reflecting on when all this were nowt but fields.

Yeah, alright, that is just me getting old, reactionary, and just a little bit Compo Simmonite. I guess it happens to the best of us.

There is one other thing, however. Something which in reality has nothing to do with me, but is guaranteed to make me feel ancient beyond my years, and that’s other people getting older.

Wednesday 17 March 2021

On The March

Hello, dear readers!

I opened last week with the trusty old saying ‘there’s no news like bad news’. This week I can take the same sentiment because there is no news.




Yeah, that’s a lie.

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Health, Wealth, and Priorities

Hello, dear readers!

There’s no news like bad news, or so ‘they’ (for any given value of what ‘they’ may or may not be) say.

I suppose in a way it’s true. Bad news does travel faster than good, and in these interesting times we find ourselves in there’s certainly been no shortage of the stuff. In fact, some days you wonder if the news is being shown on repeat as Covid, lockdown, and everything that goes along with it remains front and centre of every single broadcast.

This week, however, there’s been a different story doing the rounds, and I, for one, really wish there wasn’t.

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Getting The Point

Hello, dear readers!

Yes! I’m back!

I know, I know. I promised you all a blog post last week. And I did so knowing that it wouldn’t be an easy week, but it really was a promise I meant to keep, even up to an hour before my extended deadline of 18:30 on Friday eve. Sadly, it was a promise I had to break.

The reason for this only ever-so slightly characteristic aberration made up the subject of my last post, but as that was now two weeks ago, allow me to refresh your memory. This time last week, you see, I was recovering from my first COVID-19 vaccination, and it is upon that momentous occasion I’d now like to pour forth.

Friday 26 February 2021

Wait For It!

 Hello dear readers!

No, please don't get too excited. This short (but hopefully sweet) post is merely here to serve as a placeholder.

I had hoped to be fit enough to pen my usual weekly offering a mere two days later that usual, but as next week will reveal, the Coronavirus vaccine has given me a rough few days, which I'm not fully through yet. I have therefore decided to wait until my normal, scheduled, posting time of next Wednesday to reveal all (not in that way).

Until then, take care, and please don't take this as a reason not to get your jab when called (it's still a million miles better than the alternaive!).

Until next time...

Wednesday 17 February 2021

A Shot In The Arm

Hello, dear readers!

And welcome to what promises to be a quite momentous week for your friendly neighbourhood blogger.

It’s a week which has the potential to be truly life changing. A week which has been long anticipated and which should live in the memory for at least the short-term future.

This time next week, you see, I will have had my first COVID-19 vaccination.

Wednesday 10 February 2021

Making A Meal Of It

Hello, dear readers!

You are what you eat, or at least that’s the theory. I think there may actually  be something to it.

Lockdown has seen me swap the weekly Slimming World meetings and healthy recipes, for chocolate, crisps, take-aways and a complete lack of exercise. Add in the traditional Xmas over-indulgences, and it means a big fat pile of food and a big fat pile of me.

Something had to be done.

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Service With A Mile

Hello, dear readers!

And we’re back to normality!

Yes, after last week’s slight aberration, the blog is back on track with its usual Wednesday night offering. Hopefully.

I say hopefully, because today represents that most unusual of things in these COVID-ridden days, a full and busy day, in which a decent portion of my time is accounted for, and a decent expenditure of energy required.

It’s not all bad, not by a long chalk. In fact, a lot of the day has the potential to be pretty good, but it does require a little planning as I work around the one item on the agenda which puts a hole slap-bang in the middle of it.

Today, you see, is the day the car goes in for its annual service.

Thursday 28 January 2021


Hello, dear readers!

And many apologies for my shocking lack of a blog post yesterday. This was a last-minute deferral of today’s offering. One due to an unexpected spike of stress that ended up completely derailing my more mellow afternoon plans and left me in a bit of a tizzy.

Necessity, however, is oft touted as the mother of invention, and I don’t think inconvenience can be too far behind it (the auntie of invention, perhaps?) because the extra time and the freshness of yesterday’s events have collided to alter and hopefully enhance my planned offering.

Let me explain.

Wednesday 20 January 2021

The New World

Hello, dear readers!

Timing, as they say, is everything.

There are days when I sit down to write my blog with nothing big to write about, Times when all is quiet, not just on the western front, but every single point of the compass.

This is not one of those days.

In fact, with amazing synchronicity, this very day is one which may well signal real and, with luck, lasting change. Today was the Day Donald Trump left the White House.

Now, it may have escaped our attention, but I’m not actually American. I don’t live there, either. So why should I, a lowly Brit, care who the American President is?

It’s a fair question.

Wednesday 13 January 2021

Query Time

Hello, dear readers!

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. I’m not sure which spice, exactly. Maybe it’s a good fruity chilli, or perhaps my all-time favourite, put it in everything I cook, go to, smoked paprika. I’m not sure, and it doesn’t really matter. The point is we all need a change of pace every now and then.

The reason I mention this is that I’ve noticed a definite theme emerging in these poor scribblings. A subject matter that reappears, again and again and again. Popping its head around the door of just about every post I’ve written in the last few months. For this post, I’ve sworn off that particular subject matter. I’m not going to mention what it is. That would be self-defeating. But It’s something which has affected us all since early last year and for many, redefined life as we know it. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions from there.

So here we go. A blog post, that’s not about that. A post which instead will head down the rabbit-hole of meta-commentary. Today I’d like to write about writing.

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Lock & Key

Hello, dear readers!

And welcome to the first blog post of 2021!

Yup, it’s a brand new year. A year full of hope and possibility. A year we can leave behind the horror-show of 2020 and move on to a brighter, less restrictive future.

As soon as we move out of lockdown, that is.