Wednesday 25 November 2020

Christmas Present

Hello, dear readers!

I don’t know if it’s just me. I’m not sure if it’s my ever-advancing years lending me a fresh perspective on time and its relative passage. Whatever it is, this crazy and increasingly unprecedented year has flown by.

There’s a saying around these parts, oft used when someone is feeling a little down over some setback or other. “Be reet.” We’ll say in our broadest Yorkshire twang. “Soon be Christmas.” And do you know what? It will.

Wednesday 18 November 2020


Hello, dear readers!

Multiple Sclerosis is a curious condition. Some days it can feel as if there’s nothing wrong with me. Some days I have energy, motivation, and the actual ability to do stuff. Alright, it will probably mean that I pay for it somewhere along the line, but those days, rare though they may become, exist.

Other days are a write-off from the moment I open my eyes. Days where my collection of spoons (see the link for an explanation of spoon theory), is already depleted. It’s a part of living with this disease, but there are still things under my control, I can use to soften the blow of the fatigue I can feel pulling me away from the blog even now. Rest. The proper apportioning of the day’s duties. Maybe the odd gallon of coffee. All of these, small as they may seem, help.

Possibly most important is something I have a somewhat spotty recent history with, and that something is sleep.

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Lady In Waiting

Hello, dear readers!

There’s been a lot of waiting around of late. COVID-19 has given us the seeming contradiction of an ever-changing world in which nothing much seems to happen. Possibly due to this, or perhaps some strange sympathetic phenomenon riding alongside it. I’ve found similar echoes popping up in real life.

This week has provided some particularly fine examples, and it is upon these I’d like to pour forth.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Family Fortunes

Hello, dear readers!

I will preface today’s offering with an admission. Today is yet another one of those MS-tired days, the ones where I wake up exhausted and the day goes downhill from there. If you’ve ever heard of spoon theory (and please follow that link if you haven’t. It’s both fascinating and very informative), then It’s a day the cutlery started disappearing with hideous alacrity, leaving me short on energy, concentration, and patience.

I’m telling you this in case today’s blog post makes even less sense than normal. If you find misspellings, odd word choices, and punctuation that looks like it’s been applied with a shotgun, it’s not my fault, it’s my disease (this time).

All of which brings me nicely to the main thrust of today’s post. The thorny issue of health.