Friday 26 February 2021

Wait For It!

 Hello dear readers!

No, please don't get too excited. This short (but hopefully sweet) post is merely here to serve as a placeholder.

I had hoped to be fit enough to pen my usual weekly offering a mere two days later that usual, but as next week will reveal, the Coronavirus vaccine has given me a rough few days, which I'm not fully through yet. I have therefore decided to wait until my normal, scheduled, posting time of next Wednesday to reveal all (not in that way).

Until then, take care, and please don't take this as a reason not to get your jab when called (it's still a million miles better than the alternaive!).

Until next time...

Wednesday 17 February 2021

A Shot In The Arm

Hello, dear readers!

And welcome to what promises to be a quite momentous week for your friendly neighbourhood blogger.

It’s a week which has the potential to be truly life changing. A week which has been long anticipated and which should live in the memory for at least the short-term future.

This time next week, you see, I will have had my first COVID-19 vaccination.

Wednesday 10 February 2021

Making A Meal Of It

Hello, dear readers!

You are what you eat, or at least that’s the theory. I think there may actually  be something to it.

Lockdown has seen me swap the weekly Slimming World meetings and healthy recipes, for chocolate, crisps, take-aways and a complete lack of exercise. Add in the traditional Xmas over-indulgences, and it means a big fat pile of food and a big fat pile of me.

Something had to be done.

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Service With A Mile

Hello, dear readers!

And we’re back to normality!

Yes, after last week’s slight aberration, the blog is back on track with its usual Wednesday night offering. Hopefully.

I say hopefully, because today represents that most unusual of things in these COVID-ridden days, a full and busy day, in which a decent portion of my time is accounted for, and a decent expenditure of energy required.

It’s not all bad, not by a long chalk. In fact, a lot of the day has the potential to be pretty good, but it does require a little planning as I work around the one item on the agenda which puts a hole slap-bang in the middle of it.

Today, you see, is the day the car goes in for its annual service.