Wednesday 12 June 2024

Wheelchair Supporter

Hello, dear reader!

It’s coming home!

Well, probably not. I mean, as a Leeds United (I know) and England fan, I’m not un-used to disappointment, so it’s probably best not to get my hopes up too far.


For those of you that haven’t got a Scooby, what I’m talking about, I refer to the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 football championships.

I’ll pause here for the customary wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Thursday 6 June 2024

Hear, Hear

Hello, dear reader!

So it seems as though its my turn to write my thoughts this week, not sure when this was decided… But here goes !!!!!

Wednesday 29 May 2024

Ballot Box Blues

Hello, dear reader!

It appears that, once again, we live in interesting times.

That’s right, folks, last week, just a little after I’d finished putting the final details of my blog together, everything changed. An announcement was made that has the potential to change everything, and pretty much ensures an entertaining few weeks are in store.

Because, last week, a General Election was called.

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Gambling Man

 Hello, dear reader!

And welcome to an exceptionally wet and dreary day in West Yorkshire.

In fact, on the news this morning, I heard tell that this year has been one of the wettest on record in the U.K which doesn’t surprise me. I’m toying with the idea of building a boat and rounding up some animals.

All of which has nothing in particular to do with today’s blog post. No, that honour goes to yet another special birthday amongst the extended Rankin family. My eldest niece’s  21st, no less. 

And was the occasion marked? You bet it was!

Thursday 16 May 2024

All Done

Hello, dear reader!

This might not take long.

On the back of a very short offering last week, I find myself a little under the weather as I recover from a rather dramatically unwell tummy (I won’t go into the details, as some of you might be eating and even if you’re not…)

There is news, however, so, why don’t we?

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Work In Progress

Hello, dear reader!

It’s going to be a quick offering, this week.

This is mainly due to the ongoing disruption in the Rankin household, it being difficult stringing words together while loud sawing, and needlessly upbeat remixes of early nineties dance music assault my ears, but also because, due to the new bathroom assembly, neither I nor Tina have actually been anywhere or done anything of note.

So, for now, this will have to do. Think of it as a placeholder. As a bit of an added bonus, I’m going to add a few pics we’ve been taking of the work in progress, so you get an idea of what’s been going on, and next week, with a little luck, I’ll be able to update you with news of a brand spanking new wet room, even more pics, a report on my nieces 21st birthday (yes, I know I’m old, and perhaps some news on the publication of my latest short story

For now, however, as the mutitool roars into life again, I’m going to leave it he

Until next time…


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Wednesday 1 May 2024


 Hello, dear reader!

And welcome to disruption central.

Yes, after bemoaning that ‘waiting is’ last week all our dreams of getting a quick start on the bathroom have come true.

And, my word, is it fun!