Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Mending Fences.

Hello, dear readers!

And a happy December!

Yes, we’ve reached the last stop of the year, the final few weeks, the big finale. Already the 80s radio station I have on in the car (‘cos I’m old), has taken to sprinkling the odd Xmas tune into their selection, as the countdown to that allegedly most wonderful of days truly amps up, and sooner or later, even I will have to take the plunge and start thinking about pressies, parties, and that all important turkey.

Of course, although Xmas is one of the few things to make the year’s latter days worthwhile, the winter brings with it other considerations, too. One of which will feature as the main thrust of this week’s post.

This bleeping weather, eh?

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Grand Days Out

Hello, dear readers!

It’s easy to bow to the norm. To become weighed down by the way things are and therefore, surely must forever be. Easy to allow one foot to fall in front of the other, as you trudge down the well-worn path of the everyday, the hum-drum, the normal.

What’s a little more difficult is to break free of these self-imposed patterns, but as with a lot of things that require that bit more work, doing so can be so liberating.

What am I talking about? Well, it all boils down to two very simple things. Films, and coffee.

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

The Charm

Hello, dear readers!

I was having such a good week.

Yeah, it was all going really quite well. Nothing amazing, you understand, but nothing terrible either. I’d had a couple of lazy-ish days, and I’d even secured the television for the England match played on Friday night, which we won, handsomely. Yes, it was all going so well… and then I had to go and sabotage it all.

And the worst thing? It was all planned, too.

To pierce the fog of mystery, this was the week, in fact, the weekend, in which both myself and my ever-wonderful wife, Tina, had our Covid-19 booster jabs.

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Out To Lunch

Hello, dear readers!

A change, they say, is as good as a rest.

I’m not entirely convinced by this line of reasoning. To me, a day of doing nothing, putting the feet up, perhaps dragging oneself off the couch to make a cup of tea before heading slowly back to base sounds pretty idyllic.

As for the change, well, that very much depends on the change in question. I mean, being magically transported from my place on the couch to a cage full of hungry lions, tigers, and bears (oh my) would be quite the change. Other than the initial rush of adrenaline, however, I can’t envisage it as being a wholly positive one. For the hungry predators, maybe, but for me, ah… not so much.

Having said that, it is a good idea, every now and then, to shake off the cobwebs and embrace the ever so slightly different. Yesterday was a case in point.

I don’t want to lead you astray here. We’re not talking anything on too grand-a-scale, here. There were no ravenous beasties to battle, no skydiving, no death-defying feats of derring-do at all, in fact. No, the change in question was far more sedate than any of those risk-filled activities.

We went out for a spot of lunch.

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Oven Ready

Hello, dear readers!

And welcome to the most troublesome part of the weekly blogging... how to start.

Yup, blank page syndrome is most definitely a thing, and as someone who has been known to jot the odd thought down, it’s a thing which proves irksome in the extreme.

One has to start somewhere, but where is that? What will grab the attention? What will make an impact? Where can I shoehorn in some horrendous pun, which only I find funny? As I open up the word processing package and look down at the keyboard, these questions and more are always at the forefront of my mind. Eventually, I’ll type out a few words. Then, most of the time, I’ll delete them and start again, until something, somewhere, clicks and that first thought leads on to others. Only then, once the flow is established, are we finally cooking on gas.

Which, rather handily, brings me on to the topic of today’s offering, and no, it’s not gas, but the thorny issue of cooking.

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Dog Days

Hello, dear readers!

Routine. It’s possibly the one thing that, in this Covid ravaged world we live in, keeps us (sort of) sane.

Of course, as a jobless, feckless drain on this nation’s economy, there’s that much less in the way of routine to keep your friendly neighbourhood blogger from wearing his pants on his head and saying ‘wibble’ a lot (if you catch the ref, I like you. I really do).

Which is why I’m very thankful for our dog.

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Out Out

Hello, dear readers!

Anticipation, nervousness, excitement, maybe just a tingle of trepidation. These are literally some (or more) of the emotions currently coursing through your friendly neighborhood seated person.

And no; it’s not just because I’m writing my blog.

In fact, the heady cocktail of sensation I’m currently experiencing has little to do with anything to do with today’s events at all, and a lot more to do with what I’m going to be doing upon reaching tomorrow’s far distant shores.

Oh, and cocktails. It has a bit to do with cocktails, too.

You see, if I may just fast forward slightly, Friday of this week marks the birthday of my rather lovely wife, Tina (You may have seen her name mentioned on this hallowed blog before) and that’s an occasion which requires celebrating.

So we’re going out...