Wednesday 28 July 2021

To The Nines

Hello, dear readers!

Today is a good day.

Well, so far it is, anyway. I’ve got a very real hope that the rest of the day will progress in a similar fashion too, though. You see, today is a day that has long been put aside for celebration, food, drink, and all the other good stuff. Today marks a very special day in the calendar. A day which, nine years ago, transformed my entire life.

Yes, today is my wedding anniversary.

Wednesday 21 July 2021


Hello, dear readers!

And welcome to a brave new world.

A world of opportunities. Of possibilities. A world of unmitigated freedoms, and endless fun. A world in which Covid-19 and the hell it’s put us through for the last 18 months or so is finally behind us, allowing us to recover the lives we have so sorely missed.

Or, you know, possibly not.

Thursday 15 July 2021

Foul Play

Hello, dear readers!

Warning: Buckle up, Rupert. This might be a heavy one.

You know that feeling that you’ve said something, or in my case typed something, just a little too soon? That feeling that in some way, because of that, you’ve jinxed it. That some petty and vengeful god has perhaps seen your hopes and dreams spelled out so clearly, turned to his minions and said ‘right, hold my coat, this’ll be a good one’?

Yeah, that’s me right now.

I’m sure that at least some of you, my dearest readers, will already know to what I allude. Even if you’ve been holidaying in the Outer-Hebrides for the last week, cut off from all human contact and without even half a bar of internet signal, you must. There’s simply no getting away from it. Everybody seems to know the score.

Thursday 8 July 2021


Hello, dear readers!

Well, what a result!

What a day. What a week. What an amazing, wonderful spark of positivity in what has been such an immensely challenging time.

It’s been such a long time. Year upon year of constant disappointment and heartache as things invariably go catastrophically wrong, just as I think that, this time, It’s all going to go so right. Not this time, though. No, this time perseverance and bloody-minded optimism have driven me over the brink of expectation and into the calm waters of fulfillment.

Yes, this was the week I finally got my new wheelchair. What did you think I was talking about?