Sunday 30 April 2017


Hello dear readers.

You join me today, revelling in the midst of a three day weekend.

Yes, for one glorious extra day I am free as a bird, the spectre of work banished from my mind, thoughts instead turning to long lazy afternoons, unhurried mornings, and perhaps the odd activity of a more recreational bent to fill this wonderfully unencumbered slice of time.

It is an opportunity that has not been wasted.

Saturday 22 April 2017

Old Friends & News

Hello dear readers!

Yes, it’s another Saturday evening post.

With my current work commitments and a four week rolling rota to adhere to it is becoming just a little difficult to maintain consistency in posting my weekly offering to you, my dear readers. It has meant some posts popping up on a Saturday, some on a Sunday, and one even showing up on a Monday. The funny thing is that, even though this particular post is a day early, it is, at the same time, a week late.

The reason for this shocking lack of alacrity is the need to keep a certain piece of news under wraps. Allow me to explain.

Saturday 15 April 2017

One Step Beyond

Hello dear readers!

And a happy Easter to one and all.

Yes it’s that time of year yet again. A time of eggs; bunnies; lambs gambolling in the meadows (I’m assured this has nothing to do with poker or roulette); official, government mandated time off of work; the new season of Doctor Who... oh, and apparently there’s some religious goings-on as well.

Yes, spring is certainly putting a spring in the step (figuratively speaking, that is) and, in these parts at least, this has been helped by a very welcome and much anticipated arrival. At long last, after months of trying, we have a daughter.

Sunday 9 April 2017

Iron Man

Hello dear readers!

I am a tired man.

No, this is not due to to some over exertion on my part, nor is it anything to do with an overly busy social life, unless you count being dragged to watch the sickly sweet Beauty And The Beast (terrible story, don’t get me started) and a cheeky meal at a well known purveyor of chicken as particularly wearing.

No, this is a special kind of tired.

Sunday 2 April 2017


Hello dear readers!

And welcome to an ever so slightly belated blog post.

There are many reason for my tardiness, not least among which being a noble if somewhat domed attempt at tidying and cleaning the house. Then of course there was the picking up of the wife from work, the personal hell that is supermarket shopping, and taking the dog out for a Sunday afternoon constitutional.

And my, how dog walking has changed