Sunday, 20 May 2018

To Do Is To Be

Hello dear readers!

Wouldn’t it be lovely not to have to work for a living?

I think it’s a dream we’ve all entertained at one point or another. Perhaps it was on a day like today when the sun is beating down and the smell of freshly mown grass is mingling with the more delicious odours of someone burning meat in their back garden.

Yes. I think we’ve all dreamed that dream. Trouble is... when you start living it.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Rose Tinted

Hello dear readers!

Life begins at forty. That’s what the infamous, unknown ‘they’ say anyway.

That makes me three going on four which, to anyone familiar with my levels of maturity, might sound about right (or maybe just a touch generous). It also means that I am approaching, or possibly overtaking, that phase of life known as middle age. I’m not a fan of the term myself as it seems to indicate a limit to ones lifespan and, let’s face it, that’s not a happy thought.

And of course these years in themselves bring their own wonderful challenges.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Common Or Garden

Hello dear readers!

Well, I’m not sure about your particular corner of the world but here in sunny West Yorkshire it’s actually… Sunny.

Yup, that wonderful ball of burning gas is shining down on us with nary a cloud in the sky to spoil the view or lower the temperature. It’s led to the hottest, brightest day of the year so far. In short, as we say in these parts, it’s proper cracking the flags.

So, with this being the U.K. and such days being in short supply it must surely be time to get out the garden furniture, whip off the T-shirt, crank up the barbie, and crack a few cold ones in the back garden, yeah?

In a word… No.