Wednesday 28 December 2022

The Last Word

Hello, dear reader!

So …. In theory, the Mrs seated perspective has the last word of 2022, I rarely have the last word so this is particularly exciting.

I don't know about you, but I get increasingly fed up with people asking me whether I am ready for Christmas, and unfortunately this question seems to come around earlier every year. I’m sure I saw Christmas decorations appearing in the shop as early as October, which is just ridiculous.

Wednesday 21 December 2022

Christmas Wishes

Hello, dear reader!

Miss me?

I’m going to assume the answer to that question is firmly in the affirmative because, well, I have an easily bruised ego.

The reason for last week’s missing post, was an outbreak of the lurgy. A nasty little bug hit both myself and the perpetually perfect Mrs Rankin (Tina, in other words) like a sack of bricks. I don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t nice.

But anyway, that was then, and this is now, so what say we get started, yeah.

Wednesday 7 December 2022

The Drug Test

Hello, dear reader!

It sometimes seems, every time you turn on the TV, there’s a million adverts waiting for you, advertising the latest cheap and easy way to get healthy and wealthy.

 Everything from the latest pre-packaged diet regimes to the latest gadget designed to improve circulation, drop those last few pounds, roll back the iniquities of age, get more sleep, or just having that edge we all sometimes need, the ads are endemic (pun intended).

It makes it hard to know what to believe, which is where a little research comes in handy.