Wednesday 29 March 2023

Bang Bang

Hello, dear reader!

Yes, abnormal service has been resumed.

After last week’s excellent guest post by Tina, my ever-amazing wifey, today see’s your friendly, neighbourhood seated person back in the writing seat.

But how to follow that?

Well, one thing does spring to mind, not that it was particularly pleasant.

Wednesday 22 March 2023

The Simple Act Of Decluttering

Hello, dear reader!

It's little me again !!!! …. The ever patient, ever loving wifey.

Apart from recovering from a nasty bout of Covid - which resulted in 5 days of no taste, very little smell and no hearing in my left ear - I am doing ok - thanks for asking !

My mind however, is a very different story at the moment. To put it simply (cos I understand the simple much better), my mind feels like a very full rubbish bin, in dire need of emptying and cleaning.

Wednesday 15 March 2023

An Apology

Hell dear readers!

Unfortunately, due to an outbreak of COVID19, the guest post, due to be written by my saintly wife, Tina is now delayed by one week. Sorry for any disappointment.

Until next time.

Wednesday 8 March 2023

Traveling man

Hello, dear reader!

Now, this will be a short one.

I’m confident in this assertion, because, right now, as I type, I’m exhausted. Not just tired. Not just weary


It’s not even that I’ve done a lot today, either. I mean, I made breakfast, and walked the dog a bit. Apart from that, though, it’s been a big of outer space-y shooting on the Xbox, and a bit of watching stuff on Youtube. So, you might very well ask, what’s with all the exhaustion

Well read on.

Wednesday 1 March 2023

The Big Question

Hello, dear reader!

And near miss number two.

Yes, once again, this week’s blog post is one that very nearly didn’t happen.

The reason for this is my continuing patchy health. My right hand is still kind of numb, making typing…interesting, and I’m not entirely sure about my right leg (due to my disability, I have limited sensation in my lower limbs, the less the lower you get, so feelings of numbness are hard to detect). Oh, and my right eye is still problematic, too, with focussing issues and the odd bout of item displacement (that’s things appearing slightly off in my field of vision, not just me losing stuff). It's, um, interesting, and led to one of my patented, half-yearly lifestyle changes.