Wednesday 26 May 2021

Ins And Outs

Hello, dear readers!

A couple of days ago, on a sunshine and showers dotted Monday afternoon, I had a coffee.

Not exactly earth-shaking, is it? Especially when you consider my normal, highly caffeinated state. In fact, hardly a single day goes past that doesn’t start with a bucket (or cafetiere if you want to be posh) of high octane bean juice. This particular cup of Joe was special, though. A highly prized and long awaited treat.

This coffee, you see, was drunk in a coffee shop.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Chair Do

Hello, dear readers!

Yes, the blog is back?

For those that watch out for these poor scribblings (and I know there’s at least a few who do), hopefully this is a good thing. For those new to the blog, well welcome, I hope you enjoy.

The topic for today is not the emotional upset I mentioned in this post, nor is it the reason for the couple of weeks I’ve missed posting. An explanation of both those things will probably be forthcoming at some point, but at the moment it would be like describing a car journey while you’re only halfway there. It would seem presumptuous, as we know not what the road ahead holds, so, for now at least, I’m going to hold fire on that.

So, you may rightly ask, what is the subject for today’s little rant? Well, the answer to that lies beneath me.

Wednesday 5 May 2021


Hello, dear readers!

Today’s offering is going to be a quick one. More of an apology than anything else, really. You see, at the moment there is an awful lot going on in the Seated Perspective household, an awful lot. The problem is, I can’t write about any of it.

Partly this is due to the personal, emotional stresses that have sprung up, and partially it’s because those stresses are still very much evident. It leads me to a situation where I’m too close to any potential subject matter to reflect upon it with anything like clarity or objectivity. It would be rather like describing a storm while the wind howls and the rains fall around you. Something less than practical, even if you have waterproof paper.

It is for this reason that last week’s blog post was missing, and also why. I’m afraid, these few, poor words will have to suffice while the aforementioned storm passes.

I hope to bring you a more forthright and complete picture of what has been occurring over the last few weeks, and Tina, the wonderful woman with whom I’m braving this deluge, has given me the nod to do so. It just won’t be right at this very moment, because all of it is far too fresh.

I hope all of you unfortunate enough to be following my wandering notes on an extremely ordinary life will bear with me while the dark clouds pass, and something like normal service can once again resume.

Until next time…