Sunday 27 August 2017

Uphill Battles

Hello dear readers!

Sometimes writing a weekly blog can be difficult. This is one of those times.

No, this is not due to any technical difficulties or the less than perfect state of my MS riddled eyes (see here). It is, in fact, due to a distinct lack of that small thing that makes it possible to put finger to keyboard in the first place... Inspiration.

The fact is that, some six weeks after leaving hospital with the above mentioned diagnosis still ringing in my ears, the silence is becoming deafening.

The staccato appointments seem to have dried up for the moment (ahead of Thursday’s appointment with the specialist), and I am left sitting and waiting for things to happen. Waiting is not something I’m, apparently, particularly good at.

Sunday 20 August 2017

Like Buses

Hello dear readers!

Firstly an apology. I’m sure you will have spotted that last weeks blog post was sadly absent. This time, this was not due to any ill health or hospitalisation on the part of yours truly but more because of a poorly laptop. This issue has not been fully resolved but hopefully I may be able to get through this week’s offering without the accursed thing shutting down randomly and erasing all my hard(ish) work.

Anyhoo, onward and upwards.

Long term sufferers of this esteemed blog may remember that last time we spoke I was somewhat becalmed. After my recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (see here), I was left waiting for appointments galore and, quite frankly nothing was happening. I was left kicking my heels (well, figuratively) at home.

It was all quiet on the western front with not much happening on the Eastern. Northern, or Southern either. Then, very much like buses, three things all turned up together to busy life up a little.

Sunday 6 August 2017

All Good Things?

Hello dear readers!

Yes, it’s that time again! Time for yours truly to afford you, my dear readers jut a peek into this thing I call my life.

With Spina Bifida and Pernicious Anaemia, running alongside the all new Chiari Malformation, and Multiple Sclerosis (see here), these are interesting times to say the least and the near future is burgeoning with the promise of more medical appointments than you could safely shake a long brown sticky thing at.

So what, you may ask, has been happening since we last spoke? Well truth be told… not a lot.