Sunday 18 August 2019

Write On

Hello dear readers!

Yes, the wanderer has returned, and in one only slightly bruised piece to boot! I am of course referring to last weeks stag-do (That’s bachelor party for those Stateside).

Now anyone who is familiar with these kind of events will no doubt understand the necessity to draw a veil over the details of the day itself (What goes on stag, stays on stag!). Suffice it to say that 12  straight hours of alcohol fuelled, karaoke crazed, shenanigans left your friendly neighbourhood seated person a little delicate and very grateful that last Sunday was not Blog Sunday!

However, that is now all firmly in the past and it is time to address matters new.

Sunday 4 August 2019

Love & Marriage

Hello dear readers!

And welcome to what promises to be the calm before the storm.

No, I’m not talking about the recent atrocious weather that has seen areas of North Yorkshire hit with floods, and farmers dealt a vicious blow regarding crops and livestock. No, this particular storm is one that is more to do with Jack Daniels, social occasions, public speaking, and perhaps just a touch more Jack Daniels.

Yup, the next few weeks promise to be interesting.