Sunday 28 April 2019

Coffee Time

Hello dear readers!

Today you find a much caffeinated blogger. A man who is operating at well past the recommended capacity for such things and trying to stop himself typing at a million worthless words a minute.

This is not due to any energy drinks, you understand. There have been no Monsters, no Caraboa, and definitely no ruddy hued bovines to stimulate this tired mind. No, I prefer y stimulants to be of a more natural variety. For preference I like them black as night, strong as sin, and fully equipped with the power to melt the enamel straight off my teeth.

In other words, I’m a coffee fiend, and that will be where we begin this week’s offering.

Sunday 14 April 2019

The Bug In The System

Hello dear readers!

Today is a day which finds your friendly neighbourhood blogger feeling just a little flat. A tiny bit out of sorts if you will (and even if you won’t to be fair).

The most probable cause for this is a dose of the common cold or some other related bug that has left me with a faint but persistent headache, a small case of the sniffles, and a thirst for cups of tea that seems unquenchable. Of course as is the way, these days, my MS has decided to lend a hand in proceedings, and a mega-dose of bone-deep weariness has decided to drop in to lend it’s support, alongside it’s friend and neighbour, Mr Brain-Fog. All of which is… Smashing.

And really, it couldn’t be timed better, because this week was the week of my injection.