Wednesday 30 November 2022

A Question Of Sport

Hello, dear reader!

Football, eh? It’s a funny old game.

Words, borrowed from a certain Jimmy Greaves. Words that have, perhaps. never seemed so apt.

There’s a world cup on, you see. A tournament featuring some of the best teams on the planet in a veritable festival of football. For those that follow the sport (And yes, that would include me) it should be a time of thrills and spills, upsets and spectacles, but this year–well this year it all feels just a little bit different.

Let me explain.

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Scars, Self-Harm And Other Tales

Hello, dear reader!

Don’t ever say I don’t make good of a promise!.

With a very busy few days behind us, and even more ahead of us - I said that I would write this amazing blog this week. It probably won’t be very funny, but I hope it’s honest, interesting and maybe even inspiring to read.

You may recall that I am the very proud ‘Mrs’ seated perspective, I am also a mum to a brand newly qualified paramedic ( Yes, I am unbelievably proud ), but I am also a sufferer of severe mental illness ( Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder ) which often manifests in self harm behaviours.

Wednesday 16 November 2022

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like November

Hello, dear reader!

There are, as the year unfolds certain events that are worthy of celebration. Day that should be marked. Festivals worthy of observing. I’m not so much talking about birthdays, because every day is somebody’s birthday, and I’m not talking about the ones which remain the sole preserve of churches, temples, or synagogues. No, I mean the big ones, the ones that even if you’re not into all that god stuff you’ll probably celebrate anyway.

Such as Christmas.

Which is in December.

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Thumbs up?

Hello, dear reader!

It was Monday morning. The week ahead was relatively clear, with only a trip to the vets with Sunny (our cat), so she could have the cone of doom removed and stop her impression of a destructive Pixar mascot.

Then we got the phone call.

I say we, mainly because short sentences are more impactful, but it was actually Tina, my eternally exceptional wife who fielded the call from Jen, her rather lovely sister. The subject of the call? Well, that was a shared concern the health and welfare of Gwen, my mother-in-law

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Pet Peeves

Hello, dear reader!

A house, I’ve heard it said, is not a home without a pet, and I think there’s a kernel of truth in that. It’s a sentiment that rings true for myself and Tina, my ever-astounding wonder-wife, in any case.

Not that I’m saying Tina is in some way my pet, you understand. No, I wouldn’t go that far. I mean, yes, she is a loyal companion, able to offer me unwavering support and seemingly endless love (of which this might be a test), but she doesn’t have a cold, wet nose (the last time I checked), and I’ve not once seen her wag her tail.

No, the pets I’m talking about are the one dog and three cats that share our happy home. And for this week’s blog, I’d like to focus, in particular, on two out of the four.