Wednesday 27 October 2021

Dog Days

Hello, dear readers!

Routine. It’s possibly the one thing that, in this Covid ravaged world we live in, keeps us (sort of) sane.

Of course, as a jobless, feckless drain on this nation’s economy, there’s that much less in the way of routine to keep your friendly neighbourhood blogger from wearing his pants on his head and saying ‘wibble’ a lot (if you catch the ref, I like you. I really do).

Which is why I’m very thankful for our dog.

Wednesday 20 October 2021

Out Out

Hello, dear readers!

Anticipation, nervousness, excitement, maybe just a tingle of trepidation. These are literally some (or more) of the emotions currently coursing through your friendly neighborhood seated person.

And no; it’s not just because I’m writing my blog.

In fact, the heady cocktail of sensation I’m currently experiencing has little to do with anything to do with today’s events at all, and a lot more to do with what I’m going to be doing upon reaching tomorrow’s far distant shores.

Oh, and cocktails. It has a bit to do with cocktails, too.

You see, if I may just fast forward slightly, Friday of this week marks the birthday of my rather lovely wife, Tina (You may have seen her name mentioned on this hallowed blog before) and that’s an occasion which requires celebrating.

So we’re going out...

Wednesday 13 October 2021

An Experience To Remember

Hello, dear readers!

Experience: something one only gets immediately after the first time one needs it. At least, that’s what the infamous ‘they’ say. I think ‘they’ may have a point.

I mean, it would be great if someone or something piped all the knowledge and skill needed for whatever race a person might be setting out on into that person’s brain at the start line, but that’s unrealistic. It just doesn’t happen.

Instead, as we set out on our own races, we get to flail about in the dark, armed with the limited and often theoretical understanding of where we’re going and often only finding the way to the finish line thanks to a lot of help.

And, of course, that’s if we’re allowed to leave the start-line unhampered.

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Tea And Sympathy

Hello, dear readers!

And welcome to germ central.

No, not me. I remain fairly hale, and mostly hearty. For someone with a chronic illness, anyway. I have no sniffles, no aches, no pains, no cough, and no sore throat.


There is someone who has at least some of those symptoms, you see, and as I write, she’s sat right by the side of me. I am, of course, referring to my darling wife, Tina. She’s a woman who tends to get the odd mention in this esteemed publication, and, this week, it really is all about her.