Sunday 27 January 2019

As Good As A Change

Hello dear readers!

Today you join an energised and focused blogger. You join a man who, although with out all that much of a plan would at least have the wherewithall to carry a plan out, should one materialise.

Sadly, this is not par for the course, and one of the many adjustments that has been forced upon me by the revelation that I am living with MS is the growing realisation that such days may be just that little bit rarer… And that the absolute polar opposite is more than just a possibility.

Sunday 13 January 2019

Out With The Old

Hello dear readers!

And welcome to my first official post of 2019! Yay!

Yes, the festivities and the hootenany are now things of the past as we march headlong into the new year. In fact it’s possibly progressing just a little too fast for my personal liking. Two weeks into January seems to have arrived with more than the due haste and of course it’s left a few little jobs to do…

January is renown of being the month of new starts, of health kicks, good habits, and reaching those goals which were just missed in 2018 (and 2017, and 2016…). It is a time for renewal. A time for making a start on those new year resolutions, but of course before that can happen there is the inevitable cleaning of the decks, and that’s what faces us now.