Wednesday 28 February 2024

Going For Golden

Hello, dear reader!

And so it begins…

2024 is a very special year for the extended Rankin clan. A year of landmarks, of big birthdays and anniversaries. It means a lot of family meet ups, a lot of parties and meals out, possibly an above average amount of booze and associated shenanigans.

Oh, yeah, and a fair bit of expense.

The Life In The Year
Not that I mind. A year such as the one I’m just about to embark on does not come about all that often, containing, as it does, a Golden Wedding (parents), an 18th and 21st birthday (nieces), and two 50th birthdays (myself and Tina, my always amazing wife).

It’s a perfect storm of celebration, a cosmic alignment of meaningful waypoints in the lives of both ourselves and the people nearest and dearest to us, and it all kicks off on Saturday.

That’s the date of the aforementioned Golden Wedding, a marital achievement that evidences 50 years of love, companionship, support and a sharing of all the challenges, wonders, heartbreaks, and triumphs that make up this journey we call life. It’s a feat that should be cheered, should be marked. It’s possible that someone should get some kind of medal

Meal Deal
But a meal will have to suffice. This is scheduled to take place on Saturday evening, over in my native Leeds, and, thanks to said parents' amazing generosity, Tina and I are staying over for the night, meaning I don’t need to face a late night commute back down the A62, and, more importantly, I can raise a glass or several to the golden couple.

So, expense be damned. If this is to be a year of celebration, then let’s kick it off in style and embark down the party line as we mean to go on. Let’s eat, drink, and get increasingly merry, as these moments, these unrepeatable days slide into view. The details of our own big days have yet to be decided, but it’s probable that we’ll combine forces and make it one big shindig, possibly a hootenanny (choc full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny. If you know, you know). 

That’s for later, though, and plans will be made. For now, let’s concentrate on the her(ish) and the now(ish). Let’s let later take care of later and concentrate on helping mum and dad celebrate their big day.

Happy anniversary!

Until next time…


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