Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Up On The Roof

Hello, dear readers!

There’s only a matter of days left, a mere collection of hours, which I just know will fly by, leaving me exposed and vulnerable like I’ve never been before.

This is the weekend we stand as witness to major changes in both my life and that of my wife, Tina.

This weekend the surgery starts.

This weekend the roof comes off our house.

The Whole Roof
Sorry, was I just a touch misleading there? Did I, in fact, lead you to believe some kind of medical intervention was scheduled. If I did then I’m truly, truly sorry (And if you believe that I’ve got a rather lovely bridge available for a one-time-only, knock-down price).

To put the record straight, the work that will be going on this weekend, will be confined to the house we currently live in, and more specifically, the roof, which, apparently, needs completely replacing.

Buyer Beware
This is just one of the many wonderful benefits of home ownership. The responsibility of managing and paying for any and all repairs and maintenances which may come due. It’s a responsibility that, with money being a bit on the tight side, becomes all that more onerous, but thankfully, and with superb timing, a letter from my pension provider opened up an avenue which may just lead to a solution.

You see, even as we speak, my provider, who have already agreed to the case in principle, is accruing medical evidence to back up the fact I’m medically retired, allowing me to release funds from the pension early. Is this going as quickly as I would like… well, no. It should, however, mean that when the man fiddling with our roof need paying for his work, well be able to do so promptly and in full.

On The House
As to the reason why the job needs doing in the first place; well, we had a leak. Admittedly, this was a year or two ago, and the roof was ‘patched’ at the time, but it brought attention to the fact that all is not well up there - something I’m not really equipped to ascertain for myself (Wheelchairs and sloping roofs being unmixy things for all sorts of colourful and potentially painful reasons).

with this in mind, I left the inspection to John, the son-of-friend-of-my-dad (and fully qualified roofer with his own business - let's give him his due) who will be doing the work. The implied trust of familial connections and pictures he took on his mobile phone both served as convincing reasons that the whole job lot wants ripping up and replacing, something which should result in a less damp, much warmer home in time for winter and, in these times of ever-increasing fuel bills, might actually save us a few bob a year on the old electric and gas to boot.

And so it is that the scaffolding is already up (they came today, catching us out ever so slightly), ready for John to get the work underway first thing on Saturday, put paid to any ideas of a weekend lie-in, and filling the next day or so with a spot of gardening (this has now been postponed until we can get into the back garden) and space-clearing (thankfully, done).

I’m not sure the extent or duration of the disruption, not having gone through this type of work before, but I know it will be worth it in the end, and allow us to concentrate on other jobs that need doing (windows next, I think). It might be expensive, but every penny spent on this ol’ house is a penny spent on our inheritance and our comfort in old(er) age. For me, that means it’s money well spent.

Now, about that garden.

Until next time


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