Wednesday 20 September 2023

Fall Sick

Hello, dear reader!

Now this really will be a short one.

The weather has turned. There’s a chill in the air, and the rain it raineth on pretty much everything that dares venture outside. In short, it’s autumnal out there, and, as might seem fitting, with the bad weather has come the dreaded lurgy.

Off It
Starting a couple of days ago, both myself and my sainted Mrs, Tina, have been feeling gradually worse. To date there’s nothing showy. No rivers of snot are flowing, and no coughs, hacking or otherwise, are disturbing the relevant peace.

But my word, do I feel rough.

There’s a scratchiness to my throat, an ache in my, well, everything, a heaviness in my limbs, and a shortness to my temper. Everything seems hard, and sharp, and bright, and noisy, which bodes well for the football I’ll be watching tonight (hopefully, a good result will do something to elevate my mood, at least),

Now, in these exciting times we find ourselves, a certain word comes to mind when suffering this kind of malady, a word that begins with C, and ends in ovid, but thus far, despite having the tests, neither I nor Tina have used them.

Better Days
The reason behind this is that, at the moment, we’ve nothing on. Oh we might have gone to the cinema today, to watch A Haunting In Venice, but not feeling like this, even if it’s not the dreaded C-word.

No, we’ll batten down the hatches, lock the doors and self-isolate, and avoid using the tests until Thursday night, or Friday morning to see if we’re safe to go out for a pre-organised meal with Tina’s therapy group pals. This will stop us burning tests unnecessarily, while still giving us the leeway to get what will hopefully be an all clear when we’re feeling a touch better.

There’s every chance this is just a bug; an autumnal malady to match the weather. Whatever the case, I hope it blows over soon.

Until next time…


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