Wednesday 13 September 2023

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Hello, dear reader!

So, My husband thought it would be good for me if I chatted to you all this week, I agreed ….. So here goes.

Today is a non-day …. A recovery day…. A catch-up-on-energy type day, simply because the last 5 days have been particularly busy both physically and mentally.

On The Buses
Saturday saw us travelling on a big bus, on a scorching hot day to a big city to see our amazing daughter Sarah and her partner Ben. Recently Sarah and Ben have bought their very first home just outside London - in Sutton to be exact, and we were going to give it the Yorkshire family contingent seal of approval. I was particularly giddy as you can imagine, having not seen Sarah since March - which led to a few sleepless nights and last minute panics!.

As a very unorganised person normally, I do tend to be very organised when it comes to packing to go away. (If the packing was left to the other half, he would just have a spare set of clothes and no clean underpants, which I feel would be very unfair to the public!). As we have got older, our medication needs have increased, along with the need to be a little more organised.

Anyhow, we managed to get to London Victoria without much drama, now we needed to just chill and catch another train to the outskirts of London. Travelling with a wheelchair does often cause some degree of chaos, but In London, they just seem so much more prepared with people specifically employed to help passengers to access the trains.

Sutton, Hoooo
We arrived in Sutton after a very pleasant train journey, to a very smiley Sarah who was surprisingly chipper after her nightshift. She assured us that it wasn't a long walk to her house, and it was all downhill - which was good news for Mark. But her idea of short certainly did not match ours, and by the time we got to her house about 30 mins later, we were hot and very very knackered!

After freshening up & having a cold drink, we settled in for the rest of the day, with no particular plans, and the very chipper Sarah began to fade. She was absolutely exhausted and there was no hiding it from her mum! Sarah and Ben are both Paramedics working for LAS ( London Ambulance Service ), and this involves regular night shifts. I'm sure working shifts is unsettling enough, but in this hot humid weather, it must just be an absolute nightmare to sleep during the day.

So over the next 4 days, we witnessed first hand the amazing wok that our NHS continue to provide, despite being absolutely stretched to the limits, as they both coped with fatigue and tried to process the things they had seen and witnessed on their shifts, my pride and admiration for them (and the ambulance service/NHS) became much deeper.

On the one day, where both of them weren’t absolutely shattered, they took us out into the beautiful local area, where we encountered plenty of geese and some very well disguised parakeets. Later we ventured to a local pub, and used our combined intelligence to win the pub quiz. We met lovely people and a lovely rescue dog called Baby.

Love & Pride
I absolutely make no secret to anyone how proud I am of my daughter, not only for her job …. But also her personality and determination. Now I see her in a loving partnership, building a beautiful home, being a mum to 2 gorgeous cats, and just living her very best life.

When she was born 23 and a half years ago, my wish for her was that she would always have the support and bravery she needed to achieve anything she wanted in life. Being a paramedic has to be one of the bravest vocations I can think of, and she is absolutely made for this role.

As we were leaving she came and sat on my knee to give me a hug, making me feel like the most special person alive, and I told her that she was loved, and that she would always be loved, and I really felt like I loved, and was loved in return….. And it was a good feeling.

Until next time…


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