Wednesday 22 November 2023

Hold It!

Hello, dear reader!

This will be a short one.

I know. I’ve said that in the past. This time, however, I say it from necessity, and I mean it.

The reasons are twofold.

No News
Firstly, there’s the age old problem of life progressing on a pretty much even track. Since our last chat, there’s been a whole lot of nothing much. The wonky wheelchair is still wonky and, other than that there have been no alarms and no surprises. All is stable, all is unremarkable.

Which makes choosing a subject to write about…tricky.

Reason the second is an unnaturally early start of 7:15, followed by a drive through the rush hour traffic to Wakefield so Tina, my amazingly amazing wife, could present her brand new passport to her future employers and prove her identity sufficiently to pass a DBS check.

The distance isn’t massive, 12-15 miles, depending on your route, but driving in the dark through traffic with no caffeine in the system (I ran out, and Amazon are dicking about) was wearing enough to trigger the infamous MS fatigue.

For those who are unaware, Multiple Sclerosis, one of the several maladies with which I’m afflicted, can and does lead to bouts of debilitating, full body and mind, tiredness. Not the kind of tiredness a nap can necessarily fix, but the kind that drags at you, sapping your physical and mental reserves until you’re running on empty.

It’s not pleasant

So, yeah, the whole point of this post was basically to say…That.

Hopefully, next week I will be back to form (?), and able to provide something more substantial. After all, I don’t like to let my readers down (and that means both of you). Until then, please take this meagre offering as something of a placeholder with my apologies.

Until next time…


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