Sunday 7 June 2020

All Change

Hello, dear readers!

A change is as good as a break, or so they say. Personally, I think I’d prefer the break, but then who am I to argue with the great ‘they’?

Anyhow, a change it is a-comin.

This Sunday eve will be the last I post this esteemed blog, a sad occasion for at least some concerned. No stop laughing, it is.

The Late Edition
The reason for this cessation of frivolities? Well, that would be down to the increasingly late hour of posting, something which in turn is caused by my rather lovely wife and chief content editor working every other weekend.

Tina, the wife in question, works 12-hour shifts and doesn’t finish until 8pm. This means that every other Sunday it is 8:30pm at the earliest I’m able to get a post out to you lovely people. Something I feel is becoming less convenient and which gives folks less time to become acquainted with my latest ramblings.

Now, I myself do not currently work for a living, as I’m sure long-term readers will understand. I realise though that for most of us Sunday eve is that last buffer zone before the start of the working week. It is a time for relaxation, a time to make the most of those last few sainted hours before an early night and early morning. At least that’s how I remember it, anyway.

It's A Date
Now, before anyone puts a petition together or contacts their local MP, this does not mean the end of this blog. Nope, not even a little bit. It does mean that change I mentioned earlier though. Namely, a change in posting day and time.

Therefore, my good and faithful reader, be forewarned that forthwith, henceforth and other big words, I will post this blog on a Wednesday at 6pm. I repeat Wednesday at 6pm. This will be the regular posting time until something else goes wobbly. Hopefully, I will see you then

Until Wednesday…

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