Sunday 14 October 2018

Breaking Glad

Hello dear readers!

The waiting is very nearly over. The time is almost upon us.

What time? Why the time for myself and the increasingly long suffering Mrs to forget all of life’s minor annoyances, to put aside the ups and downs of every day living and immerse ourselves in total and utter relaxation, to calm body and mind, and let go. No, I’m not talking about some new-age, hippy-dippy stuff. No joss sticks, immersion tanks, or even a hint of getting back to nature will be required for this particular de-stressing therapy. No, it's much more exciting than any of that.

We're going on holiday!

Yes, in just two days time, myself and my wife, Tina are heading off to Manchester airport (courtesy of some rather lovely friends) and jetting off to Turkey. Their, to get very busy doing a whole lot of nothing. Some people might suggest that this won’t make a huge change for me but those people can, with the greatest of respect, do one.

I might be a jobless, feckless, drain on the countries welfare bill but there is still the post and the phone, there are still appointments to be made and, for the most part, subsequently kept, bills to be paid, meals to be cooked, a house to be very nearly cleaned. All of that is, for a week at least, getting put firmly on hold.

For Tina the break is a chance to get away from her reasonably new role as chief bread winner of the family and relax. No night shifts, no calls to swap a shift or cover for absentees, no frustrations at failing policies and practices. In fact I’ve put my foot down (never that easy for me) and made sure that her phone will not be making the trip with us. It means a lack of social media for a week, something my somewhat addicted wife might struggle with, just a bit, but at least it will mean no phone call in the middle of a sunbathing asking if she can do a 10-6 the next day. I consider this a win, and if she’s missing Facebook too much I’m quite happy to keep telling her what I’ve just eaten, where I’ve just been, and conduct the odd survey to find out what kind of tree she is. I’ll even break into a chorus of ‘Baby Shark’ if needs be.

For both of us though this holiday represents just a touch more.

Anyone with the dubious pleasure of having read this blog over the last couple of years will know that last July saw your friendly neighbourhood blogger admitted to hospital after suffering severe vision problems (see HERE if you’re not familiar). This in turn led to a diagnosis of MS and a complete change in circumstances, something we took quite some time to come to terms with.

The French Connection
What you might not know is that all this occurred two weeks before we were due to go on a four day break to Paris I had booked to as a surprise celebration of our 5th wedding anniversary. (Paris being the city we got engaged in. I am nothing if not a cliched romantic). Understandably, as I had just left hospital and was on a disgustingly high dose of steroids, this had to be cancelled. We were however, after a short fight, and an emailing over of the doctors letter, able to obtain credit with the holiday provider, and this is what has paid for the break to Turkey.

I say paid for. What I mean is contributed to. We have had to fork out just a little bit more for the week, just in order to make sure the money got spent and chose to pay for designated seats on the flight there and the flight back. Apart from that the half board accommodation at a modest but well appointed and well reviewed hotel came within and has meant we get 3 extra days on what was planned, which can’t be bad

Insurance was a different matter. Having gone on the MS society website and asked which provider to go to we were given a couple of options and told that one in particular would not increase the cost because of MS. They were wrong. Those two little letters mean that the insurance goes up by a third. Admittedly this is still pretty affordable, but, as we keep getting told that there’s no such thing as an MS emergency, it’s just a little annoying.

Bella Donner
All in all though none of that matters. The money has been paid, the arrangements made, and we are going on holiday. That’s it. The be all and the end all. It is a much needed, perhaps much deserved, and very much delayed little break. it’s a chance to forget about doctors (Well, apart from the most excellent Jodie Whittaker), forget about the stresses and frustrations that MS has brought with it, kick back and thoroughly enjoy life for a week. I intend to eat too much, drink too much and do far too little. I might take a dip in the pool, I know I’ll most probably start and finish at least one book, and we may have a wander into the nearest town for a moozy and a proper Turkish kebab. That will be it though.

So yeah, there you have it. Two days to go. 48 short little hours. I don’t think I’ve looked forward to anything more than this is in a long time and, as long as I don’t explode with excitement, and Tina doesn’t kill me for singing ‘Summer Holiday’ in a tuneless yet enthusiastic manner five times an hour then I reckon Tuesday morning will be the start of a very special holiday indeed.

Until next time.

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