Sunday, 9 June 2019

One Step Beyond

Hello dear readers!

It’s going to be a quick one this week.

London, and my ever lovely step-daughter Sarah are calling and tonight, and the ungodly hour of 4:30 in the morning (yes, there is one. I checked). will see both myself and my wonderful wife Tina board a bus and begin the 6 hour journey needed to get there.

It will mean the next blog will be as full of adventures as my gut is presently full of take-out food as we take in the sights, sounds, and possibly the smells of the nations capital.

The Trump Card
Sadly we will be too late for President Trump and his magical, egotistical, alternative reality tour, so any thoughts of joining in the demonstration he definitely didn’t see are dashed, and any milkshakes will just have to be drunk, as, of course, they always should be.

We will just have to settle for the British museum (again), and hope the place is a little cooler than the sauna at the centre of the earth. We’ll have to settle for the Tate modern, the Globe, the Jack The Ripper museum, and all the other touristy bits and bobs.

Fairly Odd Parents
Of course all of that will be slotted into space around spending time with Sarah. starting with a meal on the day of our arrival where we’ll get to meet her boyfriend, Ben and potentially embarrass her, him and ourselves in the process. It’s been a few months now since Tina saw her darling daughter, so time put aside for the ladies to reconnect is of paramount importance. The fact that. As part of her degree course in paramedic science, Sarah’s time is already limited, makes this doubly important

A Swell Time
My recognition of this fact has almost led me to do the unthinkable. For a while there, I skirted uncomfortably close with a trip to theatre land and an ‘experience’ at on of the many musical extravaganzas contained within. Luckily, with a little fast talking and an understanding wife, I may have escaped this grisly fate and been granted the sanctuary of the pub. If I’m lucky they might even have the cricket on, but regardless, I’m sure there will be a lack of people making their drink orders in a swelling baritone.

So yeah, that is the week to come, or at least that part of the week between Monday and Thursday. It’s going to be action packed, it’s going to be eventful, and it’s all going to be reported back here in the very next blog post.

Until next time.

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