Sunday, 14 October 2018

Breaking Glad

Hello dear readers!

The waiting is very nearly over. The time is almost upon us.

What time? Why the time for myself and the increasingly long suffering Mrs to forget all of life’s minor annoyances, to put aside the ups and downs of every day living and immerse ourselves in total and utter relaxation, to calm body and mind, and let go. No, I’m not talking about some new-age, hippy-dippy stuff. No joss sticks, immersion tanks, or even a hint of getting back to nature will be required for this particular de-stressing therapy. No, it's much more exciting than any of that.

We're going on holiday!

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Kicking The Habit

Hello dear readers!

You join me today in a veritable whirlwind of barely controllable excitement.

There are reasons for this, very normal, and entirely relatable reasons, on the whole. Reasons that could well provide the meat, and possibly the drink of future instalments of this epic epistle to the masses (or at least the unlucky individuals) and upon which I will expand a little later. First of all though, I would like to spend a little time explaining a less obvious reason for my somewhat giddy demeanour.

After a short period of soul searching, I’ve finally kicked the habit.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Green Shoots

Hello dear readers!

And welcome to what I am going to start to refer to as my bi-weekly blog.

Yes, that’s right, I a have decided to take a little pity on you and limit these banal little episodes of my life to a fortnightly affair. The reason for this is less to do with MS related fatigue issues (although they are a little bit of a factor), and more to do with the fact that life, the odd little hiccup aside, has settled down to the point that I sometimes struggle for subject matter.

I know, shocking isn’t it?

Luckily for you, this week, well this week has been far from settled.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Garden Variety

Hello dear readers!

Isn’t the outdoors great?

Not all the time of course. Not when it’s tipping it down with rain, sleet, snow, or Ming the Merciless’ hot hail for instance. No definitely not then. With the weather set unusually fair for the temperate shores of Blighty, however, it is most definitely well above average.

If only we had a garden to enjoy.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

University Challenged

Hello dear readers!

You know, for an atheist, I do find myself in church an awful lot.

Of course, a lot of this has to do with being married to a card-carrying, uniform-wearing, soldier in the Salvation Army. It means that despite my best intentions to avoid the Sunday morning services and their associated platitudes and gratitudes, every now and then I am called upon to fulfill my husbandly duties, swallow my skepticism and lend some emotional support to Tina, my wife at the Worship Hall.

Today was one of those times, and the reason the emotional support was needed? Well, that had rather a lot to do with a certain eighteen-year-old.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Sick & Tired

Hello dear readers!

You join today, a broken man.

I am tired. I am achey (and, as mentioned, possibly a little bit breaky... And that's not just my heart either). In fact, today, I am a mere shell of a man, stumbling through what remains the day until the time I can legitimately go to bed without feeling like a seven year old.

And the reason for this? Well, it’s all down to medication.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

A Life In The Year

Hello dear readers!

It’s been a busy old week.

I’ve gotten upset at buses, drunk entirely too much gin, driven to Chester and back, sampled afternoon tea, and had a lovely dose of a drug that leaves me feeling like one of those cartoon characters that’s just been run over by four cars, a steamroller, and a marching band.

Yup, it’s been busy, and it’s been particularly wearing, and at this time of year especially, that is something to reflect on.