Sunday, 3 March 2019

Essential Oils

Hello dear readers!

And apologies for the slightly more prolonged than planned absence from these hallowed pages. This was due, not to ill health, or misfortune (well…), but to a mostly expected but lengthier than planned outbreak of churchy-ness, (namely a christening). I thought it would be over relatively quickly. I thought that I would have time to get back and write. And of course, I thought wrong.

It makes a change from missing missives to be down to such causes. In the past there have been blips due to hospitalisation, relapses of my MS, and general icky illness on behalf of myself or my ever-sainted wife, Tina. If truth is to be told however matters of health are pretty good right now, especially for your friendly-neighbourhood-seated person. And that brings us rather nicely on to the subject of today’s blog.

Pots of Joy
There has been a new arrival in Seated Towers, you see. No, I’m not talking about anything of the maternal, nor am I referencing the increasingly not-so-new car (Running rather nicely, thank-you for asking). No, this particular arrival is sitting in a little pot on the mantelpiece, patiently awaiting my attention later tonight. It’s name is CBD oil, and, in just under a fortnight it has had a huge impact on my life.

CBD oil, for those not in the know, is a substance obtained from the cannabis plant. No, it does not get one ‘high’ as this particular preparation is not psychoactive unlike its sister THC which is the part of the plant that will get you looking at your hand and giggling before raiding the fridge (or so I’ve heard). No, what CBD oil can do, specifically for myself and my fellow MS sufferers, is to alleviate or reduce some of the symptoms of the disease. The stiffness or spasticity, the phantom aches and pains, and the brain fog. All of these are things that have haunted my life for the last few years to one extent or another. All have been reduced specifically by one small dose of oil per night.

No Rest For The Ticcing
One of the real wins, for me, and I’m going to dare to say for Tina too, is the reduction in tics or spams in my legs whilst sleeping. This isn’t something I’ve been mega-conscious of myself, mainly due to being asleep at the time, but I have had it reported to me on more than one occasion by my lovely wife, and as she is someone who shares a bed with me (Cue sharp intakes of breath), I’ve had it reported in increasingly tired and frustrated tones.

Since taking CBD oil however these unconscious movements seem to have lessened significantly and I am feeling far more rested, motivated, and energised day by day. Tina also reports that I’m sleeping better, not moving around so much, but still stealing far too much of the duvet, which probably just goes to show that my new friend can’t cure everything.

Now, CBD oil, unlike it’s source, is entirely legal, and can be picked up from most high-street pharmacy and health food shops, including one that often has penny sales, as well as online. It is also, allegedly, available via prescription from the NHS, although it would appear that the patient showing signs of serious chronic pain, Mr Jelly type spasms, or preferably having been dead for a few years is a prerequisite to obtaining such a prescription. It’s a shame really. I know this little wonder-drug is not curing m MS. I know I’m not the most advanced case and that I don’t exhibit the most acute symptoms, but surely, if something like this is available, legally, and from what I’ve been told reasonably inexpensively, then why is it not among a physicians list of go-to medications for people with one of the long list of ailments it is proving useful for?

Demanding Supply
I can only think that stigma is buried somewhere amongst those reasons, possibly along with the unique way our NHS (And it is ours, by the way. Not theirs) is funded. The evidence is clear. Placebo controlled tests have shown again, and again that this stuff works. It needs to be out there and it needs to be provided to those who need it as a standard treatment. I can see no reason why it should not.

Until next time.

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