Monday, 8 January 2018

Weight for it

Hello dear readers!

And welcome to the first post of the year. Yay!

Last week I talked about the end of a particularly tumultuous year and how I wanted to put that firmly in the rear view mirror and concentrate on getting the best out of 2018.

This has not changed, but in the last couple I’ve been hit particularly hard by the undeniable realisation that I’m taking something into the new year that I thought I’d neatly disposed of.
The Season for the Reason
Any one who has had the dubious pleasure of following this attempt at throwing words together and hoping they make sense may recall my introduction and ongoing experience with Slimming World.

It was my lovely wife, Tina, who got me on board with it, although if truth be told I might not have been so easily persuaded if not for the unmistakable signs of middle age spread that had crept in (miles too early, mind you) and had stuck around like Adam Richman waiting for the all you can eat buffet to open up again.

I definitely needed to do something and, despite initial misgivings the Slimming World has been a world that I’ve reaped huge benefits from. I’ve met some lovely people, I’ve got some great cooking tips and recipes, and most importantly I’ve lost two and a half stone! Judging by the growing necessity for a belt I think that’s probably a good couple of dress sizes although it’s hard to be sure as I don’t tend to wear dresses all that often.

So yes, that was one definite plus in a year of rather large minuses. One that has left me with more energy, more vim and vigour, and an ability to look in the mirror without being totally repulsed… Or, that is, it had... until Christmas.

Off Target
Yes, you guessed it. I over indulged. In fact I think I over indulged in over indulging. Mandy the fantastic lady who runs our Slimming Worlds group talked about various ways of handling the festive period, one of which was to just go for it and get back on plan straight after the big day. I got this half right.

Nuts, chocolates, stollen, mince pies, Christmas cake (and cheese), and one whole Xmas pud. They all were consumed with gusto, or in the case of the pudding, with brandy cream; and all were washed down with beer, port, and mulled wine. The result of this gluttony was a whopping seven pound gain

The advent of a generous dollop of Jack Daniels at New Year, and the seemingly self replicating supply of chocolates (I’ve seriously no idea where they’re coming from now) resulted in a further gain of one and a half pound at the last weigh in meaning I lost target member status and had to cough up my fiver as a paying Slimming World member.

Days Of Speed
I think in the long run that fiver will be worth it. It’s the kick up the posterior I needed to get back on track. Shopping and eating have both been far, far better this last week. I've introduced more 'speed' to my diet (basically veggies, well most of them) and I’ve even managed to find one of a pair of dumbbells (it was masquerading as a door stop) and introduce a modicum of exercise to my stupendously sedentary existence.

It’s a start, a beginning. And it needs to continue. I’m hoping to quickly get back to target and from there to perhaps even think about another half stone. Even if I don’t go for the extra though, managing my weight, being fitter, and having that bit more of that much prized energy, can only help in my quest to squeeze the most out of 2018.

Until next time...